Finnish Melodic Death Metal Band Dimman Released A Single From Their Upcoming EP


Dimman released a single 'Pitch-Black Morning' from their upcoming EP named 'Guide My Fury' which will be out on August 25th 2017via Inverse Records.

'Pitch-Black Morning' single on Spotify:
and video on Youtube:

Track list:
I. Guide My Fury 
II. Harbinger
III. My Head, My Prison
IV. Pitch-Black Morning
V. My Head, My Prison (Orchestral Version)

Dimman is a Finnish melodic death metal band which comes from a small municipality named Teuva. They combine many styles together, including melodic death metal, djent and progressive metal. The first demo and the single were good steps forward but 'Guide My Fury' is the first record where the band sounds like they had always wanted since the first rehearsals. EP is recorded, mixed & mastered by Santeri Peltomäki (Entropy Studio Finland)

Valtteri Halkola – vocals
Jaakko Yli-Sorvari – lead guitar
Mikael Haapala – rhythm guitar
Elias Halkola – bass
Samppa Raittila – drums


Δελτίο Τύπου

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