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Τρίτη 18 Φεβρουαρίου 2020

Road Duck In Dub Orchestra (Οpening Act: Third Eye Bizarre) @ ΙΛΙΟΝ Plus

Για πρωτη φορα στην Ελλαδα οι Road Duck μετα απο 10 μηνες κυκλοφοριας του πρωτου τους album, θα παρουσιασουν ενα μοναδικο Dub Show με την ορχηστρα τους!
11 μουσικοι και ενας ηχοληπτης, ενωνουν τις δυναμεις τους για ενα μοναδικο act βασισμενο στα κοματια τους και σε καποιες αγαπημενες επιρροες απο τα Roots της Jamaica εως την Γαλλικh σκηνη της Dub!

OI LVN! (ANIMATION TEAM) αναλαμβανουν ολο το στησιμο και την ψυχεδελεια του χωρου για ενα πλουσιο οπτικοακουστικο show που θα μεινει αξεχαστο!

Οι Third Eye Bizzare αναλαμβανουν το opening act για να ζεστανουν απο την αρχη την ατμοσφαιρα με τις υπεροχες γκρουβες τους!

Road Duck Dub orchestra members :
Nikolas Yiakoumis : Guitar, vocals, coordinator
Nikos Korkovilis : Drums
Stefanos Misirlis : Bass
Stelios Petroulakis : Guitar
Adam Panagiotakis : Saxophone
Nikolas Stavrianoudakis : dubbing, sound fx , loops, sound engineer
Weronika Kijewska : Cello , vocals
Aliki Leftherioti : Synths, keys, vocals
Rhea Skoulakis : Flute, vocals
Nikos Martziokas : percussions
Panagiotis Mpaltagiannis : Scratch, turntables

Road Duck is a musical scheme created in 2009 by a group of classmates with similar musical influences.Starting with improvisational jam sessions,
 Road Duck attempts to experiment with their original compositions rather than with covers.
From 2009 until 2011 the band started playing punk.

In 2011 they decide to change their type of music and start experimenting and studying on the genre of reggae, dub scene, deeply influenced by the
 roots, the love for Soundsystems culture and especially the French scene of Dub.Their sound constitutes a combination of dub and reggae with several post and psychedelic elements. However, this was never a limitating factor for their music influences, nor
 for their music work which is being constantly formulated. Besides, each member continues simultaneously their own music explorations, playing also with different bands, or individual music productions concerning other genres. Their relationship to music focuses
 more on the search and succession of emotions. Their dynamic is based on improvisation. For this reason, they organize and often take part in collective jam sessions, engaging new audience members in the music process.Since 2009, they have made many appearances
 in various well known places and parts of Greece as well as several festivals.
This is the first album that they released on April 2019 with the title First Contact

Third Eye Bizarre Coming from diverse backgrounds and genres the members joined forces around 2017 and have been evolving in multiple styles ever
 since. From Hip Hop / Boom Bap to Reggae/Dub to Steppa/Drum&Bass and everything inbetween the band enjoys a rich repertoire of different musical influences (written and proudly produced 100% original material) and has been playing live shows at festivals and
 tours around Greece.
Niki Koutadi - Producer/Sampler/Padbanger

Jelly Fingaz - Executive Producer/ Bass/Anger Managment

Bearded Juan - Guitar/Composition/Managment

Peanutbutter Munchies - Drums

Skinny Buddha Ramon - MC/Vocals/Vibez

FeliMostlyMad - MC/Didgeridoo/Flutes

Road Duck
Third Eye Bizarre
Doors open 21:00

Ticket on spot : 8 euro

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