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Τρίτη 12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Stonebirds Share Stormy New Track "Animals"

Enter the eye of the storm with post-metal trio STONEBIRDS and their new song "Animals", streaming now on The Obelisk. Their second full-length "Time" is due out October 20th.

Qualified as "55 minutes’ worth of progressive heavygaze fluidity" by The Obelisk, new album "Time" confirms the unique, juggernaut brand of post-metal matured on STONEBIRDS' Pink Tank Records debut "Into The Fog...", and their ability to write deeply emotional and complex songs. Once again recorded at Kerwax Studio, the atmospheres on the album get considerably heavier and darker, while relying on spine-chilling atmospheric climaxes. Living up to expectations rose by their debut effort, STONEBIRDS deliver an ambitious, pre-apocalypse worthy full-length that establishes them as a singular voice in the heavy music landscape.

Enter the eye of the storm with "Animals" HERE

Guitarist and vocalist Fañch enlightens us: "Animals” is the rawest track on the album, and maybe the most primitive we’ve done with Stonebirds in a while. It’s also the only one with a traditional verse/chorus structure. “Animals” is the conclusion of stories about our relation to “subjective time,” life and death. It had to be tense and nervous to close the chapter. The lyrics deal with our hopelessness to create Time, and how mankind always wants to distort or break it. In a more general way, it’s a reflection on how we try to take the power on something that seems concrete to us, but is nothing more than a idea, a piece of our soul that we will carry until an hypothetical end. I hope you will enjoy this new song as much as we took pleasure to write and record it." 

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