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Τρίτη 8 Αυγούστου 2017

Victorian Halls Exist in Dissolution - New Video Premiere

VICTORIAN HALLS have released “Dissolution,” the alluring new video from their sophomore album, Hyperalgesia, heralded as “addictively entertaining” by Kerrang! Magazine.

Watch “Dissolution” Now @ Big Takeover.

Sean Lenart is the voice, pianist and guitarist behind VICTORIAN HALLS, one half of the Chicago underground duo who is not shy of gambling with ambition. Combining electronica with a gleaming twist of compact pop-rock, the band’s has released the new video “Dissolution,” from their latest album, Hyperalgesia - in which Lenart handled production duties with the assistance of Joe Chiccarelli, known for his work with Morrissey, The White Stripes and Bleached.

“Visually we wanted to portray the dichotomy between the vastness of the desert and the confined nature of the motel,” describes Lenart. “The latter a theme that we explored in a lurid and sensationalized manner in our last video ("Come In With The Storm"). I'll leave the skull paint open to interpretation, but the fireworks and desert perfectly capture the care free, child-like energy that is innocent and timeless. “Dissolution” is about appreciating the moment and knowing that you are also going to lose it.”

VICTORIAN HALLS has toured North America and performed SXSW numerous times since their inception.

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