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Πέμπτη 17 Αυγούστου 2017

"Dust I Am" - New Video Released

We're Proud to annouce the new video of The Experiment no.Q!

Taken from the last album "Right After the Experiment No.Q" this video is made by Scribabs Artwork for Music Company, who already worked for the Masterpiece Therion's short movie "Adulruna Rediviva".

This steampunk video is made with a special mix between 3D and 2D animation technique and the most part of these animations has been drawn by frame by frame.

Here the video: DUST I AM


Thomas Vikström (Vocals);
 Nalle Påhlsson (Bass & Vocals);
 Jacopo Garimanno (Lead Guitar);
 Andrea Falaschi (Drums);
 Andrea Palazzo, Paolo Vallerga (Rhythm Guitar);
 Marco Signore (Piano);
 Oxy Hart, Kevin Zwierzchaczewski, Fabio Privitera (Chorus).
 Music by Paolo Vallerga & Roberto Grassi
 Lyrics by Paolo Vallerga

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