Big News About Schoolyards


A new lyric video and a new single are offered by Schoolyards band (with  members of  Memories of dead man, Dirty Baztard , Ana sage, The Arrs…)

The name is  From 29 to 44

“From 29 to 44” is a summertime foxtrot-boogie-core song which address the causes of the recent rise of xenophic-populism in occident.
Currently the Gini index - which mesures wealth inequalities - is close to its 1929 records.
In this context, Schoolyards thought it was quite fair to notify the new ordo-liberals and their paws,
that it might still be time to stop privatizing profits and socializing losses: intentionaly creating uneducated unemployed angry people is never a good receipe for your future and its safety. Maybe.

Δελτίο Τύπου

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