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Παρασκευή 9 Ιουνίου 2017

Ghost Toast Release Their Highly-Anticipated 3rd Album "Out Of This World"

Hungarian Ghost Toast released their critically acclaimed third album "Out Of This World" today June 7th 2017 via Finnish Inverse Records. Listen to the album on Spotify:

Ghost Toast is an instrumental, experimental progressive rock band from Debrecen, Hungary, formed in 2008. They love heavy, trippy music and film scores as well, so they use these elements to create their own unique music.

Their music video Gordius is available here:

Track list:
1. Ka mai (5:33)
2. Gordius (6:42)
3. Alia (7:20)
4. The Dragon's tail (7:51)
5. Minotaur (5:23)
6. Kaia (8:13)
7. Last man (7:38)
8. Ishvara (6:40)
9. Pawn of fate (3:11)

The songs on Out Of This World are connected by a loose concept - a connection between fantasy and some mythological themes.

Ka Mai means a pawn of fate (see title of the last track) and refers to Stephen King's Dark Tower saga. It does not directly refer to the novels (though we believe that the mixed mood sets and theatrical elements match it very well), it's rather the words themselves and their meaning which grabbed us and suited the concept.

Gordius is the most complex item on the album, the name derives from this fact and human complexity, and this was the basic idea that the projected images shown in the video were applied on.

Alia got the name from the character in Frank Herbert's Dune, the speech samples originate from the TV miniseries. She is a tragic character who turns into a monster, a severely troubled mind trapped in a little girl's body.

The Dragon's Tail is our first attempt to create a movie score without an actual movie behind it. The title is somewhat of a pun, but the dragon represents the world of fantasy into which the music tries to teleport the listener.

Minotaur is a half-chill out, half-pounding song, this duality represented by the title also, perfect for a some labyrinth rambling.

Kaia is based on a sample from an American a capella singers' band called Kaia - it is a Finnish children's song ("Kaiababies"). The name Kaia also means "from the earth" or "pure" in Greek, and "sea" in Hawaiian.

Last Man was inspired by the novel I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, and two movie adaptations (Last Man on Earth and Omega Man), the speech samples are from these movies as well. We tried to represent the dramatic mood of the story, gradually built up from beginning to end.

Ishvara is our first song which was basically created on demand. One of our friends' Indian dance group asked us to create a rather modern song - one that they can still perform their traditional dance moves on. Ishvara can mean supreme soul, ruler, lord, king, queen or husband, God, Supreme Being, personal god, or special self.

Pawn of Fate (one who has hope but no real choices) is the grand finale and farewell of the album, the background was already elaborated at the Ka Mai part.

László Papp (drums)
János Stefán (bass, sound fx, samples)
János Pusker (cello, keyboard)
Bence Rózsavölgyi (guitar).

Toast in the shell (self-released in  February 28, 2011)
There is no en... (self-released in November 22, 2013)
Gordius -Single (May 12, 2017) (Inverse Records)
Out of this World (June 7, 2017) (Inverse Records)


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