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Παρασκευή 19 Μαΐου 2017

French Post-Rockers SYNOPSYS Stream Debut Album 'Le Temps Du Rêve'

A few weeks after unveilling some various audio and video excerpts from the effort ("Leviathan" or "A Whisper In The Evening"...), French cinematographic postrockers SYNOPSYS just officially released their long-awaited debut full-length record called 'Le Temps du Rêve' and available right now for CD, LP & Digital formats.

In addition of the official release-news, the band also shared the album for full stream on Bandcamp and through the official media partners Post-Engineering & Score A/V

Get your physical (CD/LP) copy of the band's webstore | Stream the entire album on Bandcamp | Have a Look on the "Leviathan" music video |

...For the record...

Some things can’t be explained… To understand Synopsys, you must listen to their music, feel the pictures, capture thequiet and sustain heaviness.

Those atmospheres build themselves on a paradox,shadow & light, the infinitely big & the infinitely small, thingsto say that we cannot say, the  balance & the fall. These unavoidable meetings are translated into as captivating as lightning sounds. Synopsys plays around Post Rock and Metal, alternating atmospheric environments and toughest parts.

In 2013, the band released its first recording with the EP 'Timeless' before to take a long time to conceive, compose and record a concept-full-length record + video content to be released on Spring 2017.

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