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Δευτέρα 29 Μαΐου 2017

Finnish Melodic Metal Band Final Void Releases Their Debut Album

Final Void, a band that hails from Tampere, Finland combining melodic rock and metal in their own unique style, releases their debut album 'SOUNDS OF ABSENCE'.

Final Void was founded in 2012, but instead of hurrying to the studio, they decided to let their sound grow and mature. In 2015, as the band reached its final ensemble, it was time to start working on their debut album. This powerful album takes the listener on a melodic journey through strong emotions and emotional landscapes.

Watch 'THOREAU' -video on Youtube:

Albert Hyrönen, a solo artist and a finalist of a national guitarist competition 'Kitarasankari' (Guitar Hero), starts on the track Thoreau.

”Final Void asked me if I wanted to play a solo on their upcoming album. I listened the song and immediately decided I wanted to be a part of this project! The song kicks ass and the overall feeling of the debut album is just amazing and so versatile!” -Albert Hyrönen

The album is released in all popular digital services (Spotify, Itunes, Deezer, Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play etc.) and the physical CD-version is sold via finnish Record Shop X.

SOUNDS OF ABSENCE -album track list:
01. One Certain Son
02. Dianthus
03. Thoreau
04. For You
05. Desperation Rises
06. Journey
07. Her Song
08. Bad Memory
09. The Day You Sold Your Heart

Tuomas Kotajärvi – Lead Vocals
Janne Puranen – Growls & Bass
Toni Hangasmäki – Lead Guitar
Eino Roihuvuo – Guitar
Roni Revell – Drums

Listen just released SOUNDS OF ABSENCE -album on Spotify:






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