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Δευτέρα 29 Μαΐου 2017

Eyes Wide Open: New Music Video

“Defining Me” is the first single from Eyes Wide Open's upcoming album
“And So It Begins” due for release on September 1st 2017 via Sony Music Distribution and Headbang Entertainment.
The music video is produced by Erik Engstrand.
Camera by Erik Engstrand, Jesper Lindgren and Andreas Bryske

"Defining Me" is a song about overcoming hardships and dealing with our mental state and emotions.Erik is battling against his inner demons to find the light, and to let go of the wrath. In the end we are all defined by our actions, love and hate combined. Guitarist Kristofer says:

"We thought that it was really cool to shoot the video in a snowy landscape, to get that kinda lonely feeling. It also reflects my favourite lyrics from the song, 'I brave the harshest winter' ".

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