OHHMS Debut New Song "The Magician" On Terrorizer


UK progressive metallers OHHMS discharge another punishing salvo with their new song "The Magician" on Terrorizer. Brace yourselves in anticipation of the band's debut album, coming out March 31st on Holy Roar Records.

Check out OHHMS' furious new song "The Magician" NOW

Vocalist Paul Waller tells us more about their anti-establishment new song:

"We have tackled the subject of GMOs contaminating the food we eat on our debut EP in the song ‘Bad Seeds’, which highlighted corporate greed and the huge amounts of cash that can be saved by cutting corners. I was shocked that the information was out there in the public domain, and yet we just ignore it and continue to eat poisons day after day.

Musically, it was the first ‘fast’ song that we had ever written, although in reality its pretty much mid-paced and even though it lasts a little over eight minutes in total, I only managed to fit in one verse, one middle eight and a killer chorus at the end. It’s all it needed. It’s disgusting and angry enough, so any more riffs or anymore vocals would have been sensory overload.”

Debut album "The Fool" out March 31st on Holy Roar Records
- Vinyl and CD pre-orders available here -

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