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Πέμπτη 21 Απριλίου 2016

Blind Hen - A New Single And Video Released‏

A new space grunge band from Finland, “Blind Hen​” has just released a new single and a video called “Catch​”. It’s taken from the album “The Maze Of DiCaprio​” which will be released at the end of this year.

This new super group includes members for example from Embassy of Silence, Amberian Dawn, Thaurorod, Saattue and The Purifiction. The album was recorded in Studio KillHill, Finland.

The album is a theme album. Here’s Teppo Tirkkonen’s thoughts :"From the beginning it was clear that this debut album will be a concept album, and although they have been made the world's side, I do not remember that, no one would have ever done one from Leonardo Di Caprio films. Presenting the idea to the band was easy and went through for granted, since for all of us in the band, Di Caprio is the biggest name in Hollywood, so it was clear that the songs of debut album will be inspired by the works of this virtuoso, who finally received an Oscar from his amazing career. "
Single cover by Tuomas Valtanen /

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