Melodic Death Metal Band Distress Of Ruin Released A New Song And Got Signed To A Booking Agency


10.01.2015 Distress of Ruin released a single called ‘To Become Feathered’ which reveals the new improved sounds of the band. There will be more of melodies, heavy riffs and darkness from depths of human mind.

At the same time Distress of Ruin announces that their booking is in the hands of Sam Agency Oy from now on. ”The feeling is awesome now that we have begun co-operating with Sam Agency. We are really looking forward to the new shows where we get to present our new musical appearance!” the guitarist Simo Niiranen refers to the ‘Insights’ EP, which will be released later this spring.

Distress of Ruin is a five-pieced melodic death metal band established in 2010, whose music springs from the storms of humanity. The reception of their previous ‘Predators Among Us’ EP (2013) has been very positive and the band has been actively touring within Finland afterwards.

‘Insights’ EP will be the band’s second self-publish release which will step up to a whole new level and goes even deeper into the suffering of existence.


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