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Τετάρτη 11 Ιουνίου 2014

Black Path / Forced In / Tetractys / Mist Of Nihil / Enochian Cross @ AN Club

Friday 20th June @ AN CLUB

Entrance: 6€ // Doors Open: 19:00 // Starts: 19:30

Black Path (Death Metal):
“Black Path” was formed as an idea at the summer of 2009 and a few months after as a music existence.
The band’s compositions include heavy structured songs which consist of heavy and melody-inspired guitar riffs, stable and grandiose drumming, strong and intensive basslines, brutal and sentimental vocals and of course the melody which gives the band the key to uniqueness.
The lyrics include a psychedelic mix of faith, death and dark elements with a glance to society and governmental sins.
Black Path released the EP "Dominion In Pain" in 18th of September 2013.

Forced in (Black Metal):
Forced in started as an idea in 2011 and was completed with the final lineup in 2013.The bands main music styles are black-thrash and death metal influenced by bands like Kreator, Mayhem , Six Feet Under and other. Right now the band has 7 of their own songs and is looking forward on recording their first EP called "Let the Wardance Begin" this summer.

Tetractys (Groove Metal):
Tetractys was formed on 2013. The band's final and current form was completed after a few months of searching for members that had the same passion.
The bands focus mainly on groove and heavy riffing, influenced by bands such as Lamb Of God, Pantera, In Flames, Gojira, Messhugah, accompanied by brutal vocals!
Holding 6 songs in their arsenal they aim in playing as many shows they can and releasing a LP in the not so distant future!

Mist Of Nihil (Melodic Death/Doom Metal):
Mist Of Nihil is a 5 piece melodic death/doom metal band stationed in Athens, Greece. The band started 1 year ago and after some lineup changes, released their first single "Eternal Curse". Mist Of Nihil draws inspiration from themes such as: nature,darkness,vanity and sorrow and bands such as: Opeth,Dark Tranquility,Insomnium,Belakor,In Flames,Swallow the Sun,Ghost Brigade,Omnium Gatherum. On February 2014 the band released their EP "Buried Laments", soon afterwards performed several live shows and participated in Wacken Metal Battle Greece Finals. Currently, the band works on their new songs which will be included in their full-length album.

Enochian Cross (Extreme Metal):
Enochian Cross was created in Winter 2011 in Athens. Through their progress, have achieved several live appearances in various areas of Athens and interpret mainly their own songs. In February 2014 they recorded their first single which is called "Forest Of Afterlife" and released on the web, in April of the same year, accompanied by a video clip. In the immediate future, Enochian Cross hope for recording of a LP.

Steve Xanthis